The Unofficial IIS Trip to Whistler

So, several members of the IIS team are going to be taking an earlier Christmas break and be OOF this weekend. No, we haven't gone "loco" with IIS7... yet. 😉 We are just "unofficially" having various members of the team across all discplines enjoy some time on Whistler snowboarding/skiing (and later at dinner, bars, etc), outside the context of work (though you know we're probably going to be discussing some Off-Topic stuff about it... I swear, no features resulted from someone having one too many drinks...).

All we've got is a radio frequency, date/time, and ski-run name to meet with. What more do you need?

Because, you know, friends work a lot better on long projects than just a bunch of people working on a task. 🙂 It is always useful to put a human face with everything because otherwise business is just cold and unpersonal.

In short, this is simply how the IIS team works. We work together; we hang out together. We beat each other's ideas up to improve them; we delight in turning skunkworks projects into shipping products because someone passionately believed. We call BS to irrational schedules; we try to do what is "Right".

Yes, we may be renegades and scrappy underdogs, but this is how we operate. 🙂


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