Kernel Caching in IIS 6 (Redux)

Hmm, I got the following question today, and since I had a blog entry that exactly answered the question already, it made me wonder about the visibility of my blog entries to searching...


Hi David,

I am sure you have a ton of requests for content on your blog but you never seem to run low on content. However, there is one thing that I have always been curious about and never really seem to find a lot of information about and that is the Kernal Caching that is in IIS 6. Could you maybe blog about this some, how it works how to take advantage of it etc. Improvements in IIS 7


Actually, I have blogged about this exact topic in the recent past. Please check out this blog entry, where I focused on how it works and how to take advantage of it from IIS6. Hmm, you do remind me that I have an ISAPI code-sample to finish on how to insert/evict Kernel Response Cache entries via a customizable ISAPI Extension that still sitting on one of my machines that I should release to my Source Code RSS feed... I will update this blog entry with the link when I get that done.

I cannot really make official comments about actual improvements in IIS7, but I assure you that you should like the improvements made in IIS7 over the hacky implementation details of IIS6.

Now, I did observe one interesting detail about how "search" works on Community Server. It seems to be a flat keyword search and the blog entry index seems to run quite infrequently (i.e. I could not locate by keyword any blog entry <30 days old, even if I punched in the exact keyword that is only in that blog entry).

So, you can search for the keywords "kernel cache" from my blog's search and find the correct blog entry, but you can't search for the keywords "session state" and find the recent entry. Hmm, that is horrible... because I tend to have a lot of new content within 30 days, and I often respond to blog comments as posts. Grr...


Comments (2)

  1. Jack says:

    Will IIS7 avaiable for us with Windows 2003 or we need to upgrade to the longhorn server?

  2. David Wang says:

    Jack – Sorry, but I cannot make such a "product availability announcement."


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