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Ok, I usually strive to blog about interesting and unique information that I synthesize and provide (after all, why listen to second-hand technical information? It is that much more altered), but Chris Adams has managed to get me to write a blog entry about something else interesting that is happening all THIS WEEK - "IIS Debugging Week" Webcasts, so here it is - Register at: . Do not worry. If you miss this week, the webcasts are all recorded and available for free and on-demand.

Yes. This week it is all about troubleshooting and debugging your (and my) favorite misbehaving web server, IIS. Never mind that most of the time, the problem comes from some misbehaving web application that is running and living INSIDE a host IIS process like w3wp.exe or dllhost.exe (so IIS is really the helpless victim). You know, that run away ASP page chewing up 100% CPU, or that flaky ISAPI Extension or Filter DLL that keeps bringing down your server every couple of hours/days, or that ASP.Net web application occupying 1G of RAM with now signs of slowing down. And some of you even head out to the IIS newsgroups for free community support anchored by IIS product team members and MVPs.

NNTP Server:

Newsgroups: microsoft.public.inetserver.iis and microsoft.public.platformsdk.internet.server.isapi-dev

However, users do not distinguish fine lines on where the problem lies - all they know is that the "web server" is not doing what they expect, so they want help to get back to whatever they were expecting. Yes, we have listened long and hard, and the result of years of toil and effort is... DebugDiag.

DebugDiag was first unveiled at a TechEd 2005 breakout session and impressed a lot of the attendees. And if you missed TechEd, the webcasts are a great chance to catch up on this exciting, upcoming, and integrated diagnostics and troubleshooting tool. But don't take my word for it - go view the web casts.


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  1. bmassicotte says:

    A great tool to quickly see what pages are executing within IIS and for how long is IISPeek. It was cheap and worked great. It shows us what is happening within the IS process real-time without having to parse logs and matchup process id and app pools. – they have a free trial also…

    Good luck

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