TechEd 2005 Day 5

Today is an incredibly slow day at TechEd. The product pavilion booths are closed. The level of traffic is about the same as TechEd on Sunday. It is really a shame, though, because the track cabanas are still fully staffed and one can get very dedicated attention of area experts.

For example, at the track cabana for IIS, several product team developers and testers, as well as MS.COM and PSS members were all available to answer questions. I cannot think of any other public venue to get access to such concentrated technical knowledge and attention.

Even though IIS 6.0 has shipped over two years ago and we presented an IIS 7.0 preview this year at TechEd, the amount of positive compliments attendees gave for IIS 6.0 was overwhelming. I cannot count the number of times that people came up and said "thank your for releasing IIS 6.0" -- for a variety of reasons such as security, reliability, and compatibility. It is clear to me from customers large and small that the web stack from IIS is no longer a concern for customers, and they are impatiently waiting for features to be released in IIS 7.0.

And now that IIS 7.0 has been previewed, I can start talking about some more topics, such as the IIS 7.0 server core which underlies componentization... 🙂


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