Status Reports in InfoPath (Part II)

Due to the overwhelming number of requests (3+) for screenshots and code for the Status Report described in a previous post , I’ve decided to make them publicly available. My only request is that you let me know how I can improve the form. Here is the “Individual View”: It uses a Master-Detail control for viewing multiple Status…


Status Reports in InfoPath

When I transitioned from the InfoPath team to the CLR team, I wanted to take some of my knowledge of InfoPath and put it to good use here. After browsing the intranet sites, I noticed that there had been several different attempts at designing a status reports system. While InfoPath isn’t the right tool for…


InfoPath SP1 SDK released

Get it here…before it gets you!!!  


Repeating, Multiply-Cascading, Dropdown Listboxes with Unique Entries in InfoPath

First, a few definitions: Repeating: Inside of a Repeating Section or Repeating Table control Cascading Dropdown Listboxes: This is where the selection in one dropdown listbox causes the available items in another dropdown listbox to be updated. For example, If I choose “Ford” for the “Make: “ dropdown listbox, the “Model: “ dropdown listbox will…


Fun with VBScript in InfoPath

Say you want to pop-up a dialog to the user to get some information. You could use the XDocument.UI.ShowModalDialog method, but this is Level 3, meaning you can only call it from Fully Trusted forms. You could also use managed code business logic and create a WinForm to display to the user, but that requires InfoPath…


Debugging Fully Trusted InfoPath Forms with Managed Code Business Logic

That’s a mouthful, isn’t it? First of all, you know what I mean by managed code business logic in InfoPath, right? Also, you know what a Fully Trusted InfoPath Form is, right? If not, here’s a refresher. Let’s say you’re a form developer, and you’ve been tasked with developing a form which requires managed code business logic…


InfoPath SP1 Security

Note: This post doesn’t go over the SP-1 deployment model. If you want to learn about that, read this post from the InfoPath Team blog. InfoPath has a rather unique security model. It borrows a bit from IE, a bit of its own, and with SP1, it adds a little bit of .NET security to the…


InfoPath 2003 SP1 and Active Directory

I figured I’d be the only one in the developer division not blogging about Beta 1! When I was on the InfoPath team, I wrote a hands on lab (Lab 15)which talked about using managed code with InfoPath. Excercise 3 of the lab talked about using managed code to access information in Active Directory using…