28 days in – Windows Store Analytics for my Balloons game

Via DaveDev.net… Recently, I posted a game to the Windows Store based on a course I authored for Lynda.com.  The game was primarily meant as a learning tool for the course but in letting my young kids play I found it to be entertaining enough that some other parents might want to use it.  It’s…

Windows 8 Release Preview now available for download

Windows 8 Release Preview is now available for download!  Via Steven Sinofsky… Today, Windows 8 Release Preview is available for download in 14 languages. This is our final pre-release, and includes Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10, new Windows 8 apps for connecting to Hotmail, SkyDrive, and Messenger (and many more), and hundreds of new and…


The local Microsoft .Net Community and why you SHOULD attend a CodeCamp

What is a Code Camp? The idea behind a Code Camp started a few years back from inside the community itself.  The principal is simple – get a bunch of people together on the weekend and learn from each other.  The events are usually free (or charge a nominal fee to cover food/logistics) and offer…


Microsoft Enterprise Developer and Solutions Conference (EntDevCon) Live Streaming today!

Tired of hearing from Microsoft about their Solutions?  Want to hear real stories from real customers and partners?  It’s time to Go Beyond Hello World – it’s time for the EntDevCon. Doug Hauger, GM of Windows Azure, will be kicking of the Keynote at the sold-out EntDevCon this morning at 9AM EST.  Can’t make it…


Funny Video of Bill Gates’ last day at Microsoft

If you have ever been to PDC or TechED you probably have seen some of the funny videos Bill puts on.  I saw this last night while watching the Live CES feed, absolutely hilarious.  Brian Williams, Steve Ballmer, Matthew McConaughey and many others all make appearances…. Check out the video here! Watch the entire keynote…


The new look of Microsoft Live Search

Check it out the new look of Live Search at www.live.com. Updates include: Streamlined look and feel (I like it! No more blue/cyan!) Enhanced Relevance using enhanced ranking algorithms, larger index sizes and autospell correction. Speed – pages will load much faster. Content Specific Searches (Images, Video, News, Maps, etc).  I did a search for…


The new look of Channel 9

For all you niners out there… please check out the new look and feel of channel 9 by going to the Beta Site.  The team would love to hear your Feedback!