Why User Experience in the Enterprise Matters

Prior to coming to Microsoft, I lived the life of an Enterprise Developer for many years.  The technologies changed, the people I worked with changed, even the industries were different, bu tone thing remained the same.  IT was always asked to do more with less.   There are numerous ideas floating around that were created…


Microsoft Silverlight 3 and Expression Studio 3 have launched and there has never been a better time to jump into the RIA space. So how do you get started? Get all the juicy details here!

An Exciting Launch This week kicked off the “virtual” Silverlight 3 and Expression Studio 3 launches.  For weeks the SeeTheLight website had a placeholder countdown timer.  As UX Geek and Twitter user it was pretty exciting as we all watch the countdown slowly go down from days to minutes.  “ “10 minutes left!” came the…


Art, Design and Code – How did I get here?

I seem to have Expression Studio opened these days more than any other programm  How good a website “acts”, “looks” and “feels” is what I remember.  So how did I get here?  Looking back I always was attracted to more form than function.  Most of my grade school days were spent doodling into my sketchpads…


Rotating 3D virtual desktops on Windows? You bet!

As I mentioned previously, I am a fan of fully customizing the look and feel of my windows machines.  One of the applications I have been using a lot recently is called Deskspace, from Otaku Software.  Deskspace is a virtual desktop manager but uses 3d and has some stunning visuals around it.  When I am…


Creating Amazing User Experiences on the Microsoft Platform – available for download now!

As previously mentioned here I will be posting all my material from the Financial Developers Conference session online.  You can now grab the Powerpoint here. Grab the Source Code here. Here is a breakdown of what you will find in the zip file. AjaxUpdateStatus This is the project where I showed how easy it was…


Where to get my Finserv Devcon content – DeepZoom, Silverlight and other Expression goodness.

Thanks to everyone who attended the Financial Developers Conference this week we had an amazing turnout.  It was great meeting a lot of you face to face and I really enjoyed the discussions. I’ve gotten a lot of requests around the session I gave – especially the DeepZoom and Silverlight 2 pieces.  I’d like to…


Having a good time in Vegas – a keynote to remember

First, you just have to check this out.  Seadragon technology comes to Silverlight in the form of Deep Zoom on Hardrock’s memorabilia site.  In the keynote they were able to zoom down to the scratch marks on the guitar. Then watch the keynote here.  I will let the video stream speak for itself.  Some really…


User Experience in the Enterprise – Video Series Part 3

The final episode of my User Experience talk is now available.  Check it out here.   You can also grab the latest Powerpoint slides from here. Enjoy!  Technorati Tags: User Experience in the Enterprise, UX, Remix


User Experience in the Enterprise – The Video Series

I have gotten some really good feedback from you all on the article I wrote, and wanted to say thank you. =) What’s next?  Well a Video of course!  This will be an ongoing series with each video running 20 minutes or less.  Nice digestible nuggets for your afternoon, kicking off with my session from Remix. And now I introduce…