My trip to Microsoft’s MIX10 Conference

  The Keynotes I felt this years keynotes told a cohesive story better than any Microsoft conference I’ve been to.  After months of hearing about 3 Screens and a Cloud we saw a fulfillment on that promise.  Demo after demo the same tools (VS2010/Blend4) and the same framework (Silverlight) were used to create applications that…


Register to vote on your XBOX 360? Democratic National Convention in HD on your computer? How about on Microsoft Surface?

Check out this ABC News video on how the Democratic National Convention is using Silverlight to enable viewing on the web.  Similar to what you saw with the NBC Olympic coverage. There is also as a Microsoft Surface application at the convention to explore the history of the convention. You can view lots of video…


Xbox Live Service over the Holiday

I got hit with Xbox Live flakiness over the weekend myself.  I had two friends pick up an Xbox for Christmas so this was their first time using XBL.  They both had problems signing up and wound up doing it over the phone.  Then we had problems trying to get a Rockband session going.  After…


Halo 3 Launch Day!

The wait is finally over, time to finish the fight!  Game will hit at midnight tonight… For those that cannot wait, here is an online interactive manual.  And, by interactive I mean a full blown Silverlight Application that uses animation, video, etc..  Do not forget to check out the Halo3 HD videos if you have not already.  They just…


Halo 3 Pre-Launch party in NYC!

This is an invite only event, and I have tickets!  If you are interested leave me feedback and I will get you an RSVP code.  Event is almost sold out, time to finish the fight (and get some Halo swag too)!


Finish the Fight

For my fellow Halo addicts our there… Check out the short films by Neil Blomkamp here.  He has done an amazing job of bringing it to life.  Gives me hope for the movie, I was blown away! Yes there are Warthogs, Pelican Dropships and even Covenant Brutes.  Watch closely and you can see the Brutes firing…