Commodore 64 - Celebrating 25 years! is running an article on the 25th Anniversary party The Computer History Museum threw last night for the Commodore 64.  Jack Tramiel, Commodore’s Founder, made a rare public appearance! “”The only difference was the price,” Tramiel said. “Because it seems that in this country, if you sell something cheaper, it couldn’t be as good….


Happy 30th Atari 2600!

Debuting in 1977 at $199 it brought gaming into the family household in a big way.  I remember getting a used Atari 2600 from an ad my parents found in the paper (200 Bucks was a lot to spend on electronics back then!).  I think it came with a couple cartridges – Missile Command (still…


Computer Club - Class of 1975

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs had a rare public conversation together last night.  Full article can be found here.  Transcript, highlight reel video, and more pictures can be found here !  The video is worth watching; it is a great history lesson mixed with their own personal experiences. Spending a lot of my childhood in the 80’s, and…


POKE 36879

I cannot recall the exact form of advertising that hooked me: magazine, TV, billboard, or even a movie preview. But, it was around Christmas time that I told my parents I wanted a computer.  It was a conscious decision I had come to, a decision of which I could not be swayed.  I remember having quality time with my Dad…