Today is my last day at Microsoft

After over six years I have decided to move on from Microsoft.  I joined in May 2007 just one month before the launch of the iPhone.  Our industry has changed so much during that time and I feel honored to have taken some small part in it.  When I sat down to write this post…


New Microsoft DevRadio Episode: World of Warcraft API Starter Kit for Windows Phone

  Via…     There was a slight delay with the DevRadio Episode I recorded back in June but it is now live!  If you been curious about how to share HTML5 code between Windows Phone and Windows Store Apps then this episode is worth checking out.  In this episode I walk through the…


How do I stop Spam with WordPress hosted on Azure Websites?

Via… Overview In my recent post on how to Setup Email with WordPress hosted on Azure Websites I mentioned the spam problem that will occur when running WordPress.  As an example here is the amount of spam I have received since moving my MSDN Blog onto WordPress in Azure Websites two months ago.  …


Looking to get started with Cloud Computing? Check out my new Up and Running with Azure courses!

Via… I am happy to announce that I have two new courses published today on!  These courses are designed to take you from the very basic concepts of Cloud Computing,  installing the tools and then all the way up to creating a fully functional Cloud Application.  Full source code is included along with…


How do I send Email with WordPress hosted on Azure Websites?

  Via…   Overview Recently I moved my old MSDN Blog to the new url running hosted WordPress on Azure WebSites.  Setting up the new blog couldn’t have been more simple (hint – Click New – Compute – WebSites – Gallery – WordPress in the Azure Dashboard) and only took about five minutes….


World of Warcraft Realm Status available in the Windows Phone Store

  Via…     Overview In my previous posts I walked you through my free WOW API Starter Kit for Windows and Windows Phone.  To show how easy it is to submit an app with one of these kits I just published a WoW Realm Status app to the Windows Phone Store.  The only…


Windows 8.1 Preview and other Build Conference Announcements

Via…   The past 48 hours of Build have held a slew of Microsoft Device and Services announcements.  I’ve been live tweeting the keynotes,official announcements and links to get the new bits.  If you’re a developer go grab the 8.1 preview and Visual Studio 2013 preview bits! Then if you’ve missed my Twitter stream…


World of Warcraft API Starter Kit for Windows Phone

  Via…   Overview In my previous post I gave you an overview of my teams Starter Kits for Windows Store Apps.  I recently took the World of Warcraft Starter Kit I did for Windows, which was written in WinJS (Windows Library for JavaScript), and ported it to Windows Phone. Since there is currently…


New Microsoft DevRadio Episode: World of Warcraft API Starter Kit for Windows Store Apps

  Via…   If you have a spare twenty minutes you can watch me walk through the World of Warcraft API Starter Kit in the latest DevRadio episode.  This Starter Kit is designed to give you a fully functional Windows Store app in minutes using HTML and JavaScript.  All the building blocks of an…


I have a new Blog–

It had been six years this past May since I first set up this blog on Microsoft’s MSDN blog engine.  I’ve been meaning to move to WordPress for a while now for numerous reasons as well as getting an easier to remember url. Now that Azure Web Sites support WordPress out of the box it…