How to get the Windows 8 Camp presentations, code samples and hands on labs


Great news!  The Windows 8 Camp in a Box is now available for download.  It includes all of the presentations, code samples, and hands on labs I showed off during the Windows 8 Camps and NYC Windows 8 Developer Event.  The content is available in both XAML/C# and HTML/JavaScript versions.  

If you have been looking for an opportunity to develop an application step by step this it!  Full source code and instructions are provided in both html and docx formats.  So print them out, pull up a chair, and code up the Contoso Cookbook sample at your own pace.


The Windows 8 Camps are still ongoing (across the globe!) too so if you haven’t attended one yet be sure to sign up or register for the upcoming MSDN Webcast Windows 8 Development series.  Once you are settled into coding your next masterpiece let me know about it so I can help you get a Windows Store token.

Comments (4)

  1. Tom Chm says:

    Dave,  do you know when the code camp labs will be upgraded to Release Preview?  tx. Tom

  2. @Tom – I am being told "very soon", so I would expect something any day now.

  3. Tom Chm says:

    I noticed the Code samples have been updated to Release Preview.

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