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Just a gentle reminder for those of you working on your first Windows 8 App. Submissions for the First Apps contest must be submitted this coming Sunday night by 11:59 PST.

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Windows 8 is powered by apps, and we're excited to see all the great apps our developers will build.

The First Apps contest will select eight winning apps to be the very first apps in the Windows Store when it opens. This is your chance to show off your great app and to be part of an exclusive group of developers invited to participate in the Store when it first opens. The winning developers will also get some goodies to help them build even better apps:

  • A Samsung Windows Developer Preview PC from the BUILD conference, so you can test your apps with touch and sensors
  • One year of Windows Azure, so you can build apps that feel connected and alive
  • A two-year subscription to the Store, so you can continue to update and improve your app
What to know before you participate

Submissions are due by Sunday, January 8 at 11:59pm PST. This gives you just over 30 days to design and develop your app. Finalists will be notified on Sunday, January 15. Finalists must update their app to run on a new, confidential Windows 8 build provided by us and resubmit their app before February 3 to be eligible to win.

You'll need a Windows Live ID to sign in to the contest site and submit your app. You'll also need the Windows 8 Developer Preview with developer tools in order to start building your app.

Our panel of judges is very excited to review the innovative apps you submit. The judges are:

  • Jensen Harris, Director of Program Management, Windows User Experience
  • Antoine Leblond, Senior Vice President, Windows Web Services
  • Jason Zander, Corporate Vice President, Visual Studio
What to consider as you build your app

The judges will be evaluating apps based on how well they embrace the Metro style principles, as outlined at BUILD. Great Metro style apps adapt to a variety of form factors and screen resolutions, so our judges will be evaluating each app on both a Samsung Windows Developer Preview PC (1376x768 resolution) and a laptop (1920x1080 resolution).

Visit the Dev Center to learn more about designing Metro style apps and building Metro style apps.

All apps must comply with the App Certification Requirements, and all apps must be submitted in the English language.

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