Sold out Windows Phone camps help students and professional developers publish their own apps

We are now a month into the latest round of Windows Phone Camps on the East Coast, US and the apps keep pouring in! 


Over 80 new apps got created during the Philly, Reston and Cambridge events I attended.  You all rock!


If you’ve been thinking of writing an app for Windows Phone now is the time.  With over 30,000+ apps already the opportunities to strike it big continue to grow!  I have seen steady growth in my own apps on the marketplace as we continue to bring new countries and new advertisers online.


During Cambridge this past week we also had several app developers show up who told their own story and the type of money they were making.


I had the chance to invite one of those people onto stage with me during my “How to make money with Windows Phone” talkChevon Christie, is a college student who first attended one of our Windows Phone Firestarters in NYC last year.  Since then he has gone on to create several successful apps including NYC Transit that was featured on Gizmodo.


Tara Walker, one of my teammates, did an interview with Chevon you can also check out:



There are more Windows Phone Camps planned so if you haven’t signed up yet you may be able to score a seat and a chance at winning some great prizes!



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