October 2011 Philly.Net Code Camp and Alex’s Lemonade Stand


The second 2011 Philly.Net Code Camp was held at DeVry University campus in Fort Washington, PA this past Saturday, October 15.  As usual the day included:

Lots of code!

8 hours of learning and networking

70 sessions by 60+ speakers

13 tracks + Open Spaces Forum

600 seats with tables

Breakfast, lunch (two groups), and afternoon snack

Raffles and prizes after second lunch and closing

Booster registration option for charity donations, parties, and prizes



Full Day

The content at Philly Code Camp has always been top knotch and you can watch some of the prior years sessions here.  This year was no exception! With over 70 sessions from top local speakers the day was packed with content.  Here is a breakdown of the tracks:

alt.NET - Brian Donahue - 113
Mitch Ruebush - Designing a REST API for your ______
Stephen Bohlen - Behavior-Driven Development: Turning User Stories into Executable Specifications
Dane Morgridge - The Demystification Of The Allure Of Ruby
John Zablocki - NoSQL and .NET: Relaxing with CouchDB
Vladimir Gizspenc - Using Mono and Open Source to reach MacOS, iOS, Android and Linux

Architecture - Mitch Ruebush - 106
Abraham Sultan - PaaS or Fail: Preparing for Your Changing Role in Software Development and Delivery
Bryan Deitrich - What's a DBA To Do? Continuous Integration and Automated Deployments of Miguel A. Castro - Advanced MVVM: Engineering the UI, Without the UI
Michael Montgomery - Modern Software Architecture: The Business of Building Better
Mike Diiorio - Build Hybrid Applications with the Azure AppFabric Service Bus

Data - Dane Morgridge - 109
Alan M. Silverblatt - Data Encryption 101
David Hoerster - OData and jQuery - Perfect Together
David Hoerster - Expression Trees - The Missing LINQ
Ken Lovely - Using Repository and Unit of Work patterns in EF 4.1 with a WCF Domain Model
Jim Priestley - Real World SQL Azure: Tuning for 27,000 visitors per day searching against a 10,000 row catalog

Framework - Todd Snyder - 132
Daniel R. Clark - The Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming
Doug White - Getting started with R
Chris Gomez - XNA Levels Up: Publish Your Games Now
Will Robertson - Window Phone MVC
Anthony Mastrean - Event Sourcing Simplified

Mobile Apps - Rob Keiser - 108
Samidip Basu - Let's peel Mangos!
Rob Keiser - Live Tiles in Mango
Greg Shackles - Cross Platform Mobile Development with .NET
Kevin Griffin - jQuery on the Go
Sachin Deshpande - Mobile Web Apps development using MVC3 and JQuery Mobile

SharePoint - Michael Mukalian - 111
David E. Patrick - SharePoint Developer Intro - Building Visual Web Parts
Chris Keyser - Integrating complex web services with a BCS Assembly Connector
Michael Mukalian - "Oh sir, it's only wafer thin!" - Managing Large Lists in SharePoint 2010
David Mann - Instrumentation and Debugging, on-premises and in the Cloud
Jennifer Kenderdine - InfoPath Forms and Web Parts


Silverlight - John Baird - 125
Jason L. van Brackel - Introduction to WPF
John Baird - Silverlight Data Templating and Styling
Joel Cochran - An Introduction to Expression Blend
Andy Schwam - Silverlight - Lessons from the real world
Matt Van Horn - Advanced XAML Tricks

SQL & BI - Said Salomon - 110
Alex Grinberg - Make the system tables work for you.
Said Salomon - SQL Bouncer Logon Security Without Triggers
Joshua Lynn - Learn RegEx in T-SQL & kick \
Mark Kromer - Silverlight in SQL Server BI Reporting Solutions
Dan Hartshorn - How to get started with BI using SharePoint and Office

Tools - John Zablocki - The Orchard Project: From Installation to Customization
Travis Laborde - 134
Travis Laborde - NoSQL? No Way? Yes way!
Jeffrey McArthur - Dependency Injection with MVC3 and Unity (Session, we don't need no stinking Session)
Chris Meadows - Need Some Cache? Redis in Depth.
Doug Finke - PowerShell for .NET Developers

v.Next - Ken Lovely - 105
Tony Verguldi Jr - Building Metro Apps
Roger Doherty - Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server Code Name "Denali"
Bill Wolff - A Lap Around Windows 8
Chris Love - Going Metro Today, Tales from the Trenches
Dani Diaz - Cool New Things Your Windows Phone Apps Can Do


Web Dev I - Nick Berardi - 120
Prasad Bapatla - HTML 5 for ASP.NET Developers
Adam Tuliper - Hack Proofing your ASP.Net MVC and Web Forms Applications
JP Toto - Building a Proper REST API with the new WCF WebAPI
Roberto Hernandez - KnockoutJS and ASP.NET MVC
Dane Morgridge - Intro to Rails 3 with MongoDB

Web Dev II - John V. Petersen - 121
Kevin Griffin - ASP.NET MVC From The Ground Up
Stephen J . Bodnar - Using jQuery UI and Plugins to Make your Sites Look and Work Better
John V. Petersen - Building your first jQuery Plugin
Don Demsak - Not Miguel Castro's WCF - Intro To WCF Made Easy- WCF HTTP Programming Model
Soe Tun - MVC, T4, Scaffolding, & Architecture

Web Dev III - Marc Ziss - 122
Kendall Miller - Massive Scalability for ASP.NET you can Afford
Kevin Buckley - Build your own JQuery widget
Joy Chakraborty - WCF Performance Optimization
Jess Chadwick - Razor: From MVC Views to Maintainable Templating Solutions
Chuck Sailer - Asynchronous Programming in ASP.NET


Open Spaces - Jess Chadwick - 102
An open discussion forum lasting the entire day. The format is deliberately fluid, with the general flow consisting of: participants shout out topics to discuss, vote on a topic, discuss it for 10 minutes (or more... or less), and then pick a new topic. Rinse and repeat for an entire day of lively and intriguing group conversation!

Giving Back


The Philly .NET community also donated over $1,000  during the day to Alex’s Lemonade Stand.  If you haven’t heard of this non profit before please click on the link and watch the below video that goes over the story behind who Alex was and her idea for a Lemonade stand.  There is also a heartwarming story from a mom who beat her child’s cancer and takes us through a journey of what Alex’s did for them.  A great reminder for how blessed we truly are in our industry and what we can do to give some of that back.

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