Announcing the “Light up your Silverlight Applications for Windows 7 Firestarter”

I <3 SilverlightMy teammates and I have decided to kick off the new year with a new Firestarter based totally on Silverlight and Windows 7! Like all Firestarters the day will be designed around taking you from the beginning steps of the platform up through more advanced topics.  This event is totally free, open to all east coast developers and will include over six hours of content and free lunch! 

Why should I attend?

Windows 7 and Silverlight make for a fantastic platform to build and deploy applications. Together, you have the power to build smart, visually stunning applications that truly light up. Want to learn how to take advantage of your desktop OS using Silverlight? Want to learn some Silverlight programming techniques? Want to dialog about some Silverlight Futures? Join us for a full day of Silverlight with a special emphasis on out-of-the-browser applications.

What will the day look like?



8:30am Welcome time, 9am – 5pm Sessions with Lunch being served.

Session One – Silverlight on Windows Fundamentals - Get an introduction to the basics of working with Silverlight. We’ll cover how to create and lay out a user interface using XAML, and examine the rich control set for building applications. Then we’ll look at coding with C# and Visual Basic, as well as the cool things you can do without writing code using features like behaviors and data binding. Finally we’ll look at how to continue your learning with an orientation to the numerous resources available today for learning more Silverlight.

Session Two – Empowering Line of Business (LOB) Applications on Windows - Line of Business Applications (LOB) are all about adding value to the business and helping it run at full capacity. In this session you will learn how to take LOBs to the next level. We will discuss full trust, out of browser scenarios, SharePoint integration, RIA Services and more. We will also discuss the basics of the MVVM pattern that will simplify the way you develop applications today. After this session you will have all the tools you need to make your Line of business applications stand out on Windows.

Session Three – Creating Interactive Windows applications using Media and Touch - You’re a developer, not a designer, but in recent years the media side of development is getting more intense. How can you keep up? A basic understanding of Expression Blend, Silverlight 4 and Microsoft Pivot, which you’ll have by the end of this session, will get you farther along this path than you thought possible. Start leveraging the power of Multi-Touch, Video and Data Visualization to create engaging experiences that will light up on Windows.

Session Four - Building RAD Silverlight Applications using LightSwitch - Visual Studio LightSwitch is a new development tool (currently in beta) for building business applications. LightSwitch simplifies the development process, letting you concentrate on the business logic and doing much of the remaining work for you. By using LightSwitch, an application can be designed, built, tested, and in your user’s hands quickly. Come explore LightSwitch for forms-over-data applications in a rapid application development fashion.

Session Five - Light up your Silverlight Apps for Win7 using Native Extensions - Learn about a new toolkit called Native Extensions for Silverlight (NESL) , which provides Silverlight friendly hooks to a number of native Windows 7 features you can use in your Silverlight applications. The libraries make it significantly easier to leverage Windows 7 from Silverlight. The libs also help with lighting up a Silverlight application with a minimum of effort for Windows 7 with items like jumplists and icon overlays. Learn “how-to” with special rigging-it-up sessions on video capture, speech, and Win7 features like jump lists, icon overlays, taskbar progress and more!

Session Six – Silverlight Futures - This session will highlight the compelling features coming in Silverlight 5. With tighter integration with Windows APIs, full trust operations, XAML debugging, and support for a 64 bit browsers, you’ll see how Silverlight continues to be the dominating platform for building rich Internet and Windows applications.

What is the cost?

Totally Free!

Registration Links

  City Start Date Location
Register New York, NY 01/18/11 Microsoft New York Office
Register Iselin, NJ 01/19/11 Microsoft Iselin Office
Register Malvern, PA 02/02/11 2/10/11 Microsoft Malvern Office
Register Chevy Chase, MD 02/03/11
Microsoft Washington Office
Register Atlanta, GA 02/10/11 Microsoft Atlanta Office
Register Waltham, MA 02/22/11 Microsoft Waltham Office
Register Tampa, FL 02/22/11 Microsoft Tampa Office
Register Rochester, NY 02/24/11 RIT Inn & Conference Center
Register Coral Gables, FL 02/24/11 Univ Of Miami - Newman Alumni Center


February 9th Update - All of my content is now available online here:

Hope to see you there!


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  1. In this Heavy and yet incomplete Issue: Mike Wolf , Walter Ferrari , Colin Eberhardt , Mathew Charles

  2. In this Heavy and yet incomplete Issue: Mike Wolf , Walter Ferrari , Colin Eberhardt , Mathew Charles

  3. Irven says:

    Great presentation! I've been using Expression Blend sporadically but your demo made me want to use it more. Definitely lots of cool info passed along by you and your partner!

  4. @Irven – Thanks for coming out!  Blend is an amazing tool be sure to check out the FREE 5 day training the team put out as well.…/blendtraining

  5. Rich Dudley says:

    It’s a busy February, there are at least three free learning tours going on right now.  There are

  6. DaveDev says:

    I have posted all of my slides and demos from the sold out Silverlight Applications for Windows 7 Firestarter

  7. Ralph Flora says:

    Just missed the Atlanta one…  Are there recordings of these sessions available anywhere?

  8. Ralph Flora says:

    I mean the actual presentations, not just the content of the session.

  9. @Ralph – no recordings but you can get my content here:…/light-up-your-silverlight-applications-for-windows-7-firestarter-content-available-for-download.aspx

    I covered sessions 1, 3 and 4 at the NYC, NJ, PA, DC, Boston, and Rochester venues.

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