What’s new in Silverlight 4? NYC Silverlight meetup presentation available for download

Silverlight 4 Overview

I had the pleasure of speaking at the local NYC Silverlight Meetup recently.  The goal of the presentation was to give a starting point for the Silverlight 4 beta that we released at PDC09 as well as some of the new Silverlight features in Visual Studio 2010.  Since this is a hot topic right now I figured I would post my content publically for all.  It is always hard going through slides without a presenter but they may be of use in your own discussions.

My talk covered everything ScottGu demoed during the keynote as well as most of the features covered in John Papa’s Whitepaper.  Everything we walked through was built off publically available samples (ie: the World of Warcraft video puzzle was the HTMLControl/Brush example from the keynote I modified). 

I’ve listed where to get all the code sample projects below and you can grab the slides here

PhotoBooth, Rich TextPad and HTML Puzzle Keynote examples

Silverilght 4 How-Do-I videos and code

Silverlight 4 Hands on Labs

Rene Schulte Augmented Reality Demo

Don’t forget to check out the new show on Channel9 - SilverlightTV!

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