Windows7 was just released for MSDN and TechNet Subscribers. Oh happy fresh, Windows install day!

The downloads just went live a few minutes ago!  If you are an MSDN or TechNet Subscriber you can download Windows7 now.


The downloads include both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions as well as Ultimate.  I can’t help but feel such excitement downloading a fresh new operating system and installing it across my machines.  Brings back memories of Windows 2000 getting released over MSDN and installing Server for the first time on my then current laptop. Wasn’t long after that I got an e-mail from the network admins telling me I had put up a server in the official production domain and needed to take it down.  Then off I went to MSDN to download Windows 2000 Workstation to comply with network policy only to be struck with a limited number of IIS concurrent users which I couldn’t test against.  Well it still beat using Personal Web Server.  Ahh the memories of being an enterprise developer. =)

The days of having a separate IIS base between the client and server operating systems changed with Vista’s release and we can now use our base dev boxes for running most of the server components.  Funny when I think about how I’m running SQL Server 2008, the entire SQL Server BI Stack, IIS, Visual Studio and now Expression Studio on my little laptop. 

I might just have to go for a bit more ram (all my laptops are still running 4 gigs) on the next upgrade.  But then again as any dev knows nothing beats the raw power of a custom built desktop.  I just happen to be running a freshly download Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit on mine -Woot!


Don’t forget while you’re downloading the bits to stop on by the Windows Developers Center.  Lots of details, documentation and examples on developing for Windows 7.

Windows7 Dev Resources


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Comments (2)

  1. Konige says:

    We are a web site design agency. I was wondering if IE7 would take more "juice" than usual requirements and if it was necessary to upgrade for our clients?

    Obviously, we are all excited for this newer version because we feel IE6 didn’t match our expectations.

  2. I don’t think you’re alone when it comes to IE6.  =)  That version is now several years old and doesn’t support any of the current web standards.  

    The browser that comes with Windows7 is Internet Explorer 8.  It has numerous security and speed enhancements you can get more info about here  IE8 also comes out of the box in standards mode and can also be moved into IE7 compatability mode.  

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