Internet Explorer 8 released!


Internet Explorer 8 was just released! Get it here & watch videos and all the new features here .

The team has put together a hilarious video of “the history of the web”.  I won’t ruin any of the celebrity appearances its a pretty funny video and worth a view:


What’s got me excited?  I am loving the new visual search engines.  As someone who is constantly on Amazon, Wikipedia or E-bay the fact I get some visual results right from my search bar is extremely helpful.


I’ve been impressed by how many Accelerators there are now at release.  See a product on a webpage you like and want to know how much it costs?  Just highlight the text and select the accelerator and a tiny window will pop up right there.  All sorts of neat stuff like that – translate language on highlighted text, show maps of addresses, share out to social media sites like Facebook or create tinyurl’s to links.  It is fast becoming one of my often used browser features.  Check it out!


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