Are you a .NET Developer looking for some “How Do I” videos on Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing has been generating a lot of interest as of late.  In this economy we are all looking at ways to reduce costs and increase performance.  But how do I get started as a .NET Developer on Windows Azure?  Check out the new “How Do I” videos around Windows Azure, Live Servers, and .NET Services that were just released on MSDN

These types of videos will walk you through step by step on how to get started, code snippets, and how to perform some of the more common tasks all before having to download the bits.  Here is a break down:

Windows Azure

Get Started Developing on Windows Azure?

If you’re a developer and you’re new to Windows Azure, start here! You’ll see what you need to download and install, and how to create a simple “Hello World” Windows Azure application.

Deploy a Windows Azure Application

You’ll see what it takes to move your application into the cloud – you’ll see how to request and register a token, how to upload your Windows Azure application and how to move it between staging and production in the cloud.

Store Blobs in Windows Azure Storage?

Learn how to leverage Windows Azure storage to store data as blobs. You’ll learn about blob storage, containers and the API that makes it easy to manage everything from managed code.

Leverage Queues in Windows Azure?

Learn how to use queues to facilitate communication between Web and Worker roles in Windows Azure.

Debugging Tips for Windows Azure Applications

The Windows Azure SDK includes a development fabric that provides a "cloud on your desktop." In this screencast, learn how to debug your Windows Azure applications in this environment.


Live Services

Get Started with the Live Framework?

If you are looking to get started developing with the Live Framework, this is the place to start! In this screencast you'll learn how to get a Live Services token and what you need to download in order to start writing Live Framework applications.

Use the Microsoft Live Framework Resource Browser?

The Live Framework Resource Model is a simple, straightforward information model based on entities, collections and relationships. In this brief screencast you'll learn how to navigate the relationships between entities by using the Live Framework Resource Browser, which is a tool that ships with the Live Framework SDK.


.NET Services

Get Started with .NET Services?

.NET Services are a set of highly scalable building blocks for programming in the cloud. In this brief screencast, you'll learn about the registration process, the SDK and the built-in samples - everything you need to know in order to get started.

Harness the Microsoft .NET Service Bus?

The .NET Service Bus makes it easy to access your Web services no matter where they are. In this brief screencast, you'll see how to take a basic Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service and expose it to the Internet with the .NET Service Bus.

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  1. Cloud Computing has been generating a lot of interest as of late.  In this economy we are all looking

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