Are you stuck behind a Firewall with no access to Twitter? Here’s the juicy bits in case you missed it!

I still think I have one of the coolest jobs at Microsoft.  Not only do I get to speak my mind online, conferences, workshops and usergroups but I also get to go into actual customer accounts.  Which brings me to Twitter.  I know it sounds crazy to a lot of my Facebook, Twitter, and FriendFeed buds but many organizations still block sites like Twitter and Facebook.  Yup, completely blocked!  No to mention access to IM clients like the new Live Messenger.


As someone who spent the last five years in a corporate environment “lockdown” before coming to Microsoft I can relate.  We all know that most of the really good information today comes from your fellow devs online via blogs, forums, twitter and sites like Channel9

   DaveDev-Facebook  DaveDev-TwiiterFeed DaveDev-XboxLive

These technologies also interoperate allowing you to host feeds of your activities in one place.  My blog for example has my latest X-Box Live happenings, Facebook, Twitter and my Facebook status gets updated from my Twitter feeds.  Twitter has become THE place to post great links (most likely due to the 140 char limit) and I’m not just talking about humorous pop culture references.  Real juicy technical bits!  I recently was at an internal “Developer Day” at a large financial institution (the name would be very familiar to you if I mentioned it).  Out of 120+ people in the room only 5 were on twitter.   That is only 4%!  The other 96% of those guys aren’t seeing any of the links I’m posting.  They can’t even go look at the html page of my feed because the domain name is blocked!

Realizing this I’ve decided to repost my technical links up on my blog.  I’ve left out my tweets about non-technical stuff or what’s going on in my personal life.  If you still want those bits you can find them up on Twitter.  But for everyone who has missed out here are some of the recent technical tweets going back to December that I think you’ll enjoy.  An “RT” means re-tweet and is a link someone else posted that I thought was important enough to share.  You can follow those people too by going to and then their @name, for example

Here is the list…

Mike Swanson has updated the Adobe Illustrator to XAML Plug-In. Check it out!

RT @MIX09: RT @ch9: Scott Guthrie On Silverlight, MIX09, Keynotes, Developers and Designers

RT @Veronica: Apple vs. Palm: the in-depth analysis

RT @shanselman: *Wow*,REALLY nice WPF ClickOnce Twitter Client via @blackgold9 (.net 3.5 sp1 use

RT @adkinn: 6 Things I Bet You Didn't Know About Data Binding in WPF from Nate Zaugg

Microsoft Surface - Retail Banking Demo See it in person too at the NYC Enterprise DevCon

Good article on current perceptions of Microsoft and how the company is changing that -

Anyone else notice that Photosynth is running as a Silverlight control now? Both at CNN Site and on Photosynth Site.

RT @Pete_Brown: my article on styling the charts in the Silverlight toolkit came out today: Nice job Pete!

Linux/Moonlight and PPC Mac SL 1.0 now working for Obama Inauguration Silverlight stream! Nice work guys!

Wow - amazing must watch video of inspiration Found via the NYC planecrash rescuers site -

64 and 32 bit versions of WIndows7 beta are up on MSDN Subscribers page now! Go grab it.

Zune team isolated 30gig lockup probs. Had to do with 2006 models clock w/ leap year. Will fix automatic 1/1/09.

Honoring its cross platform commitment the LiveLabs team just released Seadragon Mobile for iPhone . Works great!

All MDC attendees are going to get BETA1 of WIndows7! Win7 has been my primary o/s since M3 build. Check it out:

Good site with all sorts of LINQ examples: If you're like me this will help your SQL brain think LINQ.

Great Wired article about the new Microsoft under Ozzie's direction.

If you do have access to Twitter at work but haven’t joined up yet here are my thoughts on why I think you should.  Don’t forget to follow me with your favorite Twitter client too.  If you run into any snags getting started feel free to leave me feedback on via this blog and I’ll walk you through.  Hope to see you all online!

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