What type of music do you like? The music genome project already knows! Feed your soul.

New music... I've been needing some for a while now.  I am tired of rehashing the same stuff over and over while traveling.  But how can I find music from bands I've never heard of without first being told of those bands?

Enter the Music genome Project. The project, started 8 years ago, analyzes music that you are currently listening to and then picks recommendations based on that.  So far it has been spot on!


Music Genome Project


Sites like Pandora.com utilizes these algorithms to give you a "one stop shop" of music you can listen to for free.  Think of it as a radio station that plays songs you really enjoy nonstop.  Not only that Pandora also has a free client that runs on mobile smartphones.


Pandora Interface


In fact it knew more about my musical tastes than I did.  It would seem this is the kind of music I really enjoy listening to:

Music I Like 2

Music I really like


I have discovered so many bands I have never heard of before too... 

Finding a new band!


The net effect?  I just dropped about $75 on iTunes and Zune Marketplace in new music!  And I am loving every minute of it. 

Unfortunately, not all people are getting this.  The dinosaurs of old are still roaming through the jungle.  Can they be stopped?



There is hope.  Sometimes you can teach an old dog new tricks.  As NBC recently found out with the 2008 Olympics the Internet and all its New Media actually drives growth towards Old Media.  Make an interactive site that gets people interest?  Watch how your TV Ratings go up!  Make a service that exposes people to new music?  Watch how your record sales go up.  Will the RIAA learn these lessons too?

Music is food for the soul.  Some of the best ideas I have ever come up with happened while I sat in my basement, alone, a glass of wine and music I could FEEL. 

Feed yourself before it goes away.


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Comments (2)

  1. davidclifford says:

    I’ve been using Pandora since shortly after its release and still have not lost interest. While there are times I want to hear precisely what I want to hear (then I launch Rhapsody) Pandora is great listening all day long. I have stations for different moods — hear music I’ve never heard that I like mixed with stuff I already love. I couldn’t be happier.

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