Microsoft PhotoSynth is out! Create your own masterpiece.

Get PhotoSynth 

If you remember I blogged about a Microsoft Labs experiment last year called Photosynth.  Well the team has just released a client and it is creating quite the buzz.  You can download the client yourself here.

Upload your own Synths! 

Best of all – the site is community based.  So not only can you make your own Photosynth masterpieces but you can view what others are doing.  Each submission gets its own rating, or “Synthy”, based on how well Photosynth can piece everything together.  Photosynth is based on textures, not shapes, so the more texture you can have in your photos the more “Synthy” it will become.

One of my favorites so far is the Taj Mahal by National Geographic.  In fact, they have a whole bunch of really good world locations check Photosynth collections you can check out here.

 PhotoSynth HowTo-Video

Not sure how to get started?  The team has put together a nice “How To” video, a guide, and a blog you can check out here.


Now I just have to think of what I want to create.  Maybe a Synth of my basement – kind of like Scobleizer’s familyroom synth.

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