Health and Life Sciences Developers and Solutions Conference 2008 – it’s a wrap!


Not to be outdone by the great turnout at the Financial Services DevCon in March, the Health and Life Sciences Devcon last week had 400 of us invade the Jersey Shore.  Who says you can't have an industry specific conference and still be technical?  Thank you for making these events what they are today guys you deserve a round of applause. 

In fact, here take the Miss America Crown and Scepter for a walk down the runway...


(I took this shot in the lobby of the Sheraton. Special request from my daughters)

Besides giving a talk on day 3 I also got to co-host the Guitar Hero 3 tournament.  We  had some amazing competition, you guys are G-O-O-D.  Grats to the winners.

GuitarHero1   GuitarHero2

There was also some great networking going on throughout the day both in the 1on1 meetings with the Surface Team as well as the industry specific sidebars.  Thank you for letting me be part of it. 

Great sessions, fun location, and some cool press coverage by E-Week left fellow colleague (and evil mastermind behind most of the conference content this year) AllanDCP beaming with pride...


See you again there next year!

Grab all the Session content off our team blog here.

Check out more detailed coverage of the conference for each day here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3.


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