Microsoft Live Mesh


Virtual desktop in the cloud?  All you media across all your devices? 

I'm a big fan of Skydrive - 5 gigs of free space you get and no annoying ads.  I put most of the presentations I do up there as well as most of the images I use on this blog.  The problem though has been accessing all the stuff I put in there easily from anywhere and also keeping my devices in sync.   Enter Mesh.

Check out mesh today - spots are filling up fast so if you don't get in to this round of test accounts, sign up for the waiting list.  Mac support coming soon too.


LiveSide.Net has a some a first impression writeup as well as more screenshots of the interface.  Check it out here.

Update 4/28/2008 - Check out the interview with Ray Ozzie as he discusses Live Mesh - here on Channel 9! Tags:


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