Microsoft Silverlight 2.0 goodies – open source rich Charting Controls and a 3D library

Looking to do some charting of your data in Silverlight 2.0?


Well, Check out Visifire's free open source Silverlight 2 charting controls.  You can also play with the controls online here as well.  Really well done, and worth checking out.

Curious about what controls are included out of the box in Silverlight 2 beta1? 


Check it out with the Silverlight 2 Controls Demo Project.  You will find both a a live sample as well as the source code you can download.  

How about some 3D?


Check out Declan Bennan's  Polyhedron project in the latest issue of MSDN magazine and then download the code here or check it out online here.  Declan does an awesome job of taking a 2d space and folding it into 3 dimensions.  Very much like the art of Origami. He has some managed classes he includes too that wrap some DirectX functionality you may find useful.

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