Desktop like browsing on your Windows Mobile device and it’s free!

You have to check out the latest version of Opera Mini


Yes, I am a Microsoft guy recommending a Java app.  This is hands down, the best browsing experience I have seen on my Blackjack 2.   Providing desktop like layout rendering and it is lightning fast.  They even added in some neat features like you can scroll super quick with the number keys and a keyboard shortcut that switches between portrait and landscape mode on the fly. 

I checked out some of my favorite sites - Digg (loaded the whole page up in less than 10 secs), WoWWiki, Facebook and they all looked great.  Even my blog came up perfect.  Yes, there are some ui quirks like you get prompted by the Java VM each time you want to hit a new site but it works and it looks amazing.  Did I mention it is free?

What are you waiting for - if you have a Windows Mobile 5/6 device you owe it to yourself to check it out.  You can even have it sent to your mobile phone via SMS message or just use your current mobile browser and go to

Looks like they will be incorporating the technology into the next version of the full Opera Mobile browser as well.  Check out this video for a hands on. Tags:


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    From a marketing perspective I think Microsoft does a pretty good job in the enterprise of creating awareness

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