Where to get my Finserv Devcon content – DeepZoom, Silverlight and other Expression goodness.

Thanks to everyone who attended the Financial Developers Conference this week we had an amazing turnout.  It was great meeting a lot of you face to face and I really enjoyed the discussions.


I've gotten a lot of requests around the session I gave - especially the DeepZoom and Silverlight 2 pieces.  I'd like to apologize to those that were not able to see it, we ran out of space in the room the first day and a logistics snag prevented us from doing a repeat session on day two. 

So with that in mind I am going to do two things... 

First I will be posting the slides and code from the session to my blog.  Update - grab all the content here as well as an overview of what is in the zip.

Second I will be doing a Screencast of the DeepZoom pieces that will walk through both how I demoed it as well as how I created it.  I'll go step by step from downloading the software to making the image matrix and coding it.  I'll also do a second Screencast that covers the Expression pieces we did with the video player and devcon logo insertions.  I'll touch on some things we ran out of time to show too like how you can easily publish all of this to Silverlight Streaming.  I'll post them up to Channel9 when done.

Also, here are the links I mentioned you may find useful:

Devs4Devs "Silverlight - What, Where and How" Video

  • This one will take you through the “What, Where and How?” of Silverlight showing you step by step how to get started.

Devs4Devs "SharePoint - Making Sense of it All" Video

  • Takes you step by step through the history of SharePoint, what it is today, how to development for it and what tools to use.  Also shows how to use other technologies like Silverlight inside a webpart.

Silverlight Links and Resources

Wicked Code - Silverlight Tips, Tools and Tricks

Financial Services OBA Component Library Info

Direct Download Link to Silverlight 2 Retail Financial Services Demonstrator

Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint


User Experience in the Enterprise

  • Video of the session from Boston Remix
  • Article that covers most of the topics


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    As previously mentioned here I will be posting all my material from the Financial Developers Conference

  2. The Silverlight Blueprint for SharePoint provides a source code jump start for creating Web Parts that

  3. . says:

    Not to be outdone by the great turnout at the Financial Services DevCon in March , the Health and Life

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