Dreamspark – Full versions of Windows, Visual Studio, Expression and SQL Server FREE for students!

This is an awesome program and something a lot of us inside Microsoft have been pushing a while for.  Looking back at my own career as a developer I never really had exposure to Microsoft Dev Tools until after college when I was working for a Solutions Provider.  I got my first copy of VB5 off via an MSDN Subscription and then Visual Interdev not long after.  In college I was forced to work with Turbo Pascal on DOS and a C++compiler  in a VAX/CMS session.  This is a great program and if you are current student interested in technology I recommend checking this out.  These are full blown versions (not express editions) of Windows, SQL Server, Visual Studio and even the new Expression Studio that you can start using at no charge.

Here is a breakdown:


Microsoft developer tools. Visual Studio is the Swiss Army knife of computer programming. These professional-grade products provide a security-enhanced and reliable environment, enabling students to program everything from a cell phone to a robot or to create their own Web page. Students will also be able to invent compelling new gaming content and make their dream game a reality by porting their creations to their Xbox 360 console.


Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition


Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition


XNA Game Studio 2.0


12-month free Academic membership in the XNA Creators Club


Microsoft designer tools. This ultra-versatile suite of tools will enable students to vividly bring their creative visions to life in vibrant new Web site designs and more effective digital content, including animation, imagery and photography.


Expression Studio, including

Expression Web

Expression Blend

Expression Design

Expression Media


Microsoft platform resources. The foundation for development and design platforms, these products deliver a security-enhanced, reliable and manageable environment for students to more quickly turn ideas into reality.


SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition


Windows Server, Standard Edition

Read the full press release here.

Watch the video interview with Bill Gates about why Microsoft is doing this here.

Get registered and start downloading the software today here.

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