Over 20+ hours of free WPF training videos!

With all of the Silverlight Training resources I posted recently it is now time for some WPF love.  =)


Be sure to check out the WPF Bootcamp at Mix University

With over 20 hours of hands on labs, customer examples, and a plethora of topics it will take you through WPF inside and out from start to finish.  Here is just a sample:

Keynote: Windows Presentation Foundation
Ian Ellison-Taylor

A Lap Around Windows Presentation Foundation
Rob Relyea

A Lap Around Microsoft Expression Blend
Pete Faraday

Building WPF Applications Part I
Ian Griffiths

Building WPF Applications Part II
Ian Griffiths

LAB: Building WPF Applications

LAB: Building WPF XAML Browser Applications

LAB: Interactive Fabrikam Catalog in Blend

Controls, Styles and Templates
Kevin Moore

LAB: Creating a Button with Expression Blend and Design

LAB: Creating a Glass Button in Blend

Data Binding with WPF
Beatriz de Oliveira Costa

WPF Partner Showcase
Tim Sneath

Documents, Text and the Reading Experience
Kevin Gjerstad

LAB: Using Data Binding in WPF

LAB: Reading Experience

Windows Forms Interoperability
Scott Morrison

Visual Studio Orcas Enhancements for WPF
Mark Wilson-Thomas, Mark Boulter

Grab all the content here today!


Also don't forgot about WindowsClient.NET.  There is entire learning section around WPF filled with short 15-20 minute digestible videos around various WPF topics.

Check it out here! 

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