Silverlight Links and Resources

This is a list of Silverlight resources I have been compiling.  It is in no way definitive but figured you might find it useful.  Good reading material for the Holiday break.  Enjoy.  =)


·          Official Microsoft Site

·          Community site (Best site to get training, quickstart guides, videos, samples and a strong community presence)

·          Mix conference

Experiences & demos

·          Getting started with Silverlight  

·          "How Do I?" with Silverlight 1.0

·          "How Do I?" with Silverlight 1.1

·          Using Blend with Silverlight 1.0

·          Community Gallery


·          Scott Guthrie – amazing blog, lots of tutorials on many .net technologies

·          Tim Sneath – chief Client Evangelist

·          Jim Hugunin - chief architect of the DLR

·          Mike Harsh – Silverlight team

·          Lutz Roeder – Expression Blend team

·          Shawn Wildermuth - Silverlight guru

·          Delay  of silverlight airlines demo

·          Ironpython

Tech talks/Videos

·          All recorded mix07 sessions

·          ScottGu’s mix keynote and great overview

·          ScottGu’s Channel9 interview

·          Building Rich Web Experiences using Silverlight and Javascript for Developers

·          Deep Dive on Silverlight Media Integration

·          Developing ASP.NET AJAX Controls with Silverlight

·          Creating and Delivering Rich Media and Video on the Web with Silverlight, Expression Studio, and Windows Server

·          Building Silverlight Applications using .NET (Part 1)

·          Building Silverlight Applications using .NET (Part 2)

·          Extending the Browser Programming Model with Silverlight

·          Just Glue It! Ruby and the DLR in Silverlight


·          Getting started whitepaper

·          Silverlight Architecture Overview

·          Silverlight Enterprise Deployment Guide


·          Adam Nathan's Silverlight 1.0 Unleashed


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  1. . says:

    With all of the Silverlight Training resources I posted recently it is now time for some WPF love. =)

  2. With all of the Silverlight Training resources I posted recently it is now time for some WPF love. =

  3. . says:

    Thanks to everyone who attended the Financial Developers Conference this week we had an amazing turnout. 

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