Popfly goes to college and Silverlight music player fun


Bob Familiar recently interviewed Professor Mark Frydenberg of Bentley College of Massachusetts. Professor Frydenberg has created a course that leverages PopFly to teach software architecture and development to his business major students. Professor Frydenberg's unique approach allows students to grasp complex distributed computing concepts, build and share sophisticated mashups while working with information (photos, news, music) that is relevant to them.

More info on Bob's blog here and you can view the video off Channel 9 here.

For those who do not know, Bob is also a musician and created all the original music for our Boston Remix Event.  Not only that, he coded up a player for the music entirely in Silverlight!

Check out his entry on how the player works here and sample some of his music here.

After Remix, I consider myself a Bob Familiar music fan - it's really great stuff.

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