Silverlight Links and Resources

This is a list of Silverlight resources I have been compiling.  It is in no way definitive but figured you might find it useful.  Good reading material for the Holiday break.  Enjoy.  =) Sites ·          Official Microsoft Site.  ·          Community site (Best site to get training, quickstart guides, videos, samples and a strong community presence)…


Popfly goes to college and Silverlight music player fun

  Bob Familiar recently interviewed Professor Mark Frydenberg of Bentley College of Massachusetts. Professor Frydenberg has created a course that leverages PopFly to teach software architecture and development to his business major students. Professor Frydenberg’s unique approach allows students to grasp complex distributed computing concepts, build and share sophisticated mashups while working with information (photos,…


New Dev2Dev Video! SharePoint Development – Making Sense of it All

The first Dev2Dev Video is now live!Sharepoint Development – Making Sense of it All.The video covers:- Sharepoint Overview- The different types of Sharepoint Development- Changing Sharepoint with Sharepoint itself- Sharepoint Designer- How to setup a Sharepoint Dev Environment- Coding in the VPC- Webpart creation and deployment- Adding NextWeb content to Webparts – a working Silverlight…


Commodore 64 – Celebrating 25 years! is running an article on the 25th Anniversary party The Computer History Museum threw last night for the Commodore 64.  Jack Tramiel, Commodore’s Founder, made a rare public appearance! “”The only difference was the price,” Tramiel said. “Because it seems that in this country, if you sell something cheaper, it couldn’t be as good….


Upcoming Microsoft events in Malvern, PA

If you are free on Saturday, December 15th and local to the Malvern area stop on by for some exciting Silverlight and Robotics Studio Sessions! Here is a blurb… XNA and Robotic Studio Day   We are also hosting a XNA Studio and Robotic Studio event on the same day as Silverlight Firestarte event. It…