Exciting news in the world of Silverlight

First up, 1.1 renamed to 2.0!   GoLive License support, release timeframes, new features...

Get all the info here via Dr. Sneath...

" Firstly, we're announcing today that we're renaming Silverlight 1.1 to Silverlight 2.0. As we've been building out the feature set for Silverlight v.Next, it's been becoming increasingly clear that this is a big release. Adding together the Common Language Runtime, Base Class Libraries, Dynamic Language Runtime, the UI Frameworks, DRM, and a bunch of other features I'm not going into at this stage, it's apparent that if this doesn't count as a major version release, the bar will be set so impossibly high that we'll never be able to name a Silverlight release as anything other than version 1.x! At the end of the day, this is just branding - it's not really "news" in its own right, but of course you'll see us start to refer to the v.Next release as Silverlight 2.0.

Secondly, I wanted to write a bit about where we are in the development process. Internally, we're just completing our third development milestone. We have just one more milestone to go before MIX, which is when we're going to have a new public release available. We'll also have a non-commercial go live license ready by then. For today, Silverlight 1.0 is the appropriate choice if you want to build a site that needs to go into production within the next few months, but by the time we ship our next public preview release, we'll be at a point when it will be appropriate for developers to start building .NET-based solutions. "

Also, in case you missed it the first update to Silverlight 1.0 was been released. 

Via Mike Harsh...

In the midst of all the work our team has been cranking on for Silverlight v1.1 (controls, databinding, layout, templates, styling and a package based app model, phew!), we've also been working with customers to address the top set of issues folks have hit with Silverlight v1.0.  Today we're happy to be releasing an update to address many of these issues.  The first Silverlight v1.0 service release is now live and includes the following improvements and fixes:

·         Improved media performance and stability, especially for full-screen video. This includes improving A/V sync, which provides a better experience on lower-end machines.

·         HTTP redirection now works for images and other media.

·         Improved support for font managers & Mac Office 2008 fonts.

·         Streaming video through proxied network connections only worked through port 80. Silverlight now respects the proxy port settings.

·         Allowing access to all content embedded in .zip files with a non-.zip extension.

·         Support for logging with Windows Media Services

·         Loading XAML from a script tag will now work on all supported browsers.

The first bullet is the big ticket item.  It encompasses 4 sizable perf improvements that really make video in Silverlight hum.  This update will be rolled out to all users running Silverlight v1.0 via the auto-updater built into the plug-in.  If you’re impatient and want to get the update sooner, you can get it from the Silverlight installation page.

Jaime Rodriguez has an excellent write up on who should use the new update and when.

But that's not all... 

Want to add Silverlight Streaming content to your blog?  A Live Writer plug-in is now available to do just that. 

How about publishing your Silverlight Video directly to your Silverlight Streaming account?  You got it!  An add-on for Expression Encoder is now available that lets will let you publish directly to your Silverlight Streaming account.

The .net DEvHammer has all the juicy details here.  Check it out!


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