Announcing Microsoft HealthVault!


So what is this all about?

We all know the healthcare system today is rife with unique challenges, especially for consumers. Health information is fragmented by incompatible systems, and siloed patient data. Fundamentally, these are software challenges and also opportunities that Microsoft is well positioned to address by reaching people online and on their PC. The products we’re announcing today exemplify how Microsoft’s strategy of software + services can help solve complicated information problems.

What will be available on the site?

Microsoft HealthVault, Microsoft HealthVault Connection Center, and Microsoft HealthVault Search.

  • Microsoft HealthVault is a new technology platform that’s designed to help people collect, store and manage their health information and make more informed health and wellness decisions.
  • HealthVault Connection Center is software that uploads data from your health and fitness devices from your PC to your HealthVault record.
  • HealthVault Search is a vertical search application that ties to the platform and integrates with Live Search and MSN H&F to help people refine searches faster and with more accuracy while helping protect their privacy.

NY times is running an article and Business week has more details here.

Is this the end of clipboards and paper forms every time we go to the doctors or hospital?  I would like to think it is a step in the right direction.  Concerns around privacy and security will certainly be at the forefront, and it will take time to feel comfortable with this format I think.  Ultimately, you the consumer will be the one to decide. 


Check it out yourself today at


Update: I would strongly suggest everyone check out Dan Kasun's post about HealthVault.  Dan has a unique perspective having actively worked in this space for a while with health care providers, life science professionals and developers alike.  He brings about a lot of great points and includes links to additional resources such as the HealthVault SDK and research on patient safety.   


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