The new look of Microsoft Live Search

Check it out the new look of Live Search at

Updates include:

  • Streamlined look and feel (I like it! No more blue/cyan!)
  • Enhanced Relevance using enhanced ranking algorithms, larger index sizes and autospell correction.
  • Speed - pages will load much faster.
  • Content Specific Searches (Images, Video, News, Maps, etc).  I did a search for "Halo 3" and got a bucket full of videos.  You can mouse over each video to get a preview!
  • Lots of other improvements as well... of interesting note (via E-Week article)
    • "The update also brings a new machine translation feature where, if a foreign language result is returned, the user can click to translate the page, and both the original and translated view are returned. Also, as the user moves his mouse over the original text, it is translated line by line."

E-Week is running an article with more details here

Check out the Live Search team blog here.

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