Silverlight released, support for Linux added!

This is HUGE!  Silverlight 1.0 has officially been released!  Get the bits here.

Some exciting new sites announced:

Silverlight Partner Initiative is now underway and has over 35+ partners!


Content delivery networks, infrastructure providers: Advection, Akamai Technologies Inc., CacheLogic, Edgecast Networks Inc., Internap Network Services Corp., iStreamPlanet Co., Level3 and Limelight Networks

Design agencies: Avenue A|Razorfish, BLITZ, Cynergy Systems Inc., frog design inc., IdentityMine Inc., Lightmaker Group Ltd., Metaliq, Resolute Solutions Corp., REZN8, Schematic and VML Inc.

ISVs/IHVs: Anystream Inc., DayPort Inc., Electric Rain Inc., Inlet Technologies Inc., Pinnacle Systems Inc., Rhozet, Sonic Solutions, Tarari Inc., Telestream Inc. and Winnov LP

Solution providers, systems integrators: BUYDRM, Liquid Compass, MPS Broadband AB, Narrowstep Inc., Skinkers, Swarmcast and Twofour Digital

Linux official support added via the Moonlight Project

Silverlight is about choice. We listened to all of your feedback and have officially added Linux to the mix. This is also another great example of our partnership with Novell and will be distributed from them. 

Moonlight will also have full patent Immunity for All Linux distros!

Official Silverlight Press Release here.

View the latest samples and more info can be found on the Silverlight Community Site.

Be sure to check out the Scott Guthrie video where he discusses this release on Channel 9 here.

More scoop from the Mono Project Team off their blog (via Miguel de Icaza) here.

Article on Seattle Times can also be found here.

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  1. As previously mentioned here, Entertainment Tonight has an Emmy Site written using Silverlight! Check

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