Finish the Fight

For my fellow Halo addicts our there... Check out the short films by Neil Blomkamp here.  He has done an amazing job of bringing it to life.  Gives me hope for the movie, I was blown away! Yes there are Warthogs, Pelican Dropships and even Covenant Brutes.  Watch closely and you can see the Brutes firing off the Needle Gun!

Oh, and it is also done in Silverlight (1.0 RC1). =) Hence you will get the nice HD quality stream, bookmark navigation, and also fullscreen. Be sure to View Source to check out some of the JavaScript they are using to control playback.  After all what better way to learn some Silverlight than by turning the tide for the UNSC!


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  1. This is HUGE! Silverlight 1.0 has officially been released! Get the bits here . Some exciting new sites

  2. Channel 9 is running an excellent video on Silverlight Streaming and how it is being used for the Halo

  3. Dave found out something I didn't notice about the Halo 3 HD videos that were published recently

  4. The wait is finally over, time to finish the fight! Game will hit at midnight tonight… For those that

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