Deepfish, son of Seadragon. An amazing Windows Mobile web browser comes for a visit.

Seadragon is a technology from Microsoft Labs that enables the display of images on screens without the worry of bandwidth or size.  Instead, your only limitation is the number of pixels you can display.  See my previous blog post for more information and an awesome video that shows Seadragon as well as it's use in Photosynth.

If you watch the video, you will start to get the idea of how this technology could be used just about anywhere.  One of those uses is in the mobile device market for web browsing.  Imagine a web browser that displays web pages on your Smartphone exactly as they appear on your desktop machine.  Enter Deepfish!

Sounds familiar right?  But wait... we are talking Seadragon technology here.  We are not downloading the actual pages, we are taking visual representations of those pages generated by Seadragon and then have the ability to zoom in/out on the fly with no loss in clarity.  Full webpage representation, ability to load those pages on very low bandwidth, ability to work on existing Windows Mobile 5.0 devices, and then the addition of 3G networks . You are talking one great web browsing experience! 

Check out the site here.  Sign up to download the software here. Overview animation here and actual video of it in action found here!

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