Query Microsoft.Uml2 for Class Data – Part 3

Part 2 of this series provided a query, when combined with the query from Part 1 that allows for the querying of UML class data from the SQL Server Modeling Services (SSMoS) UML Domain in a manner analogous to the class data typically displayed on a UML canvas, where the queries illustrated in this series…


Querying Microsoft.Uml2 for Class Data – Part 2

In part 1 of this series I illustrated querying the Microsoft.Uml2 domain to get class data. In particular, I demonstrated how to query Microsoft.Uml2 in such a way to return the data in a manner that is conceptually similar to the way UML class data is displayed on the canvas of a UML authoring tool….

Querying Microsoft.Uml2 for Class Data – Part 1

I’ve decided to write a series of blog posts about working with the Microsoft.Uml2 domain, focusing specifically on the SQL Server Modeling Services Nov 2009 CTP Release 2 bits. It’s my goal to illustrate how to work with the UML domain for some of the most common scenarios we anticipate users to be running against…

Will Modeling Services Work with My UML Tool?

<Author’s note>At the first of the year I started a sweet new gig working on the Modeling Services Repository, focusing on the UML Domain. My nefarious plan (let’s hope I succeed) is to bring the perspective of Big IT to the development Modeling Services features.</Author’s note>   As detailed on the UML Domain’s MSDN page,…