Winter at Microsoft

We've had a pretty serious start to winter here in the Upper Midwest. The last that I heard we had reached 24" of snow for the month of December. With a couple days left and a couple more fronts planned to come through, there's a good chance that we break the record for the most snowfall ever in the month. It seems that every other day brings a new Weather Advisory, followed by me, my snow shovel, and my snow blower spending some quality time in the driveway.

My friends in Redmond also are off to a pretty serious start to their winter. I don't have all the data, but I know they closed schools for multiple days before Christmas (we've had one 'storm day') and the roads have been treacherous. I'm sure they haven't had the amount of snow or cold that we have, but the ice, hills, and lack of facilities to deal with it more than match our challenges.

In its post, Microsoft's Fargo campus mocks Redmond's Snow, The Microsoft Blog had an excerpt from an entertaining statement that someone from Microsoft Fargo had written regarding Microsoft services "impacted" by the winter weather. While the statement is humorous, I think the dozens of comments responding to the post are even more entertaining…

Now I should get some work done before the next round of shoveling…

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  1. Dave –

    Don’t forget about us in the South.  Raleigh had it’s first "real" snow in a few years with about 4 inches over Monday/Tuesday.  Schools were closed for two days and late the third.  Despite my thirty years of experience driving in Minnesota and North Dakota winters I opt’ed to work from home.

    I sure didn’t shovel, though.  I just let the sun take care of it.

    We hit 60 today so that ought to just about clear up any remaining patches.

    Take care.

    Robert Horvick

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