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Automated testing or manual testing?

One of the great debates in the Software Test Engineering world involves the optimal mix of automated testing and manual testing. Like all good debates in software engineering, there are the religious fanatics that position themselves at either end of the argument. In pretty much all cases that I’ve seen, the truth lies somewhere in…


One year as a Test Manager

I moved into this Test Manager gig a little over a year ago. I also stopped posting consistently to this blog about that time. Coincidence? I think not… Another event that happened in the past year is that my team was re-org’d into the Microsoft Dynamics Ax product group. This happened last spring and we…


I.M. Wright Goes Public

Since joining Microsoft almost six years ago, I have enjoyed the columns written by I.M. Wright. I.M. is the alter ego of our Director of Development Excellence, Eric Brechner. His columns always bring a smile to my face while drilling home a key point in development process. Eric has recently written a book (I. M….


Fargo is #1 in Great Cities for Job Seekers List

A co-worker pointed out this article from the MSN Careers site. Fargo was rated #1 in a list of “15 Great Cities for Job Seekers”. When are you going to check it out? We have openings on our team for Software Developers…


Conway’s Law and Agile Projects

Conway’s Law states that “Any piece of software reflects the organizational structure that produced it. ” Further, Conway’s Law is identified as a key pattern in Organizational Patterns of Agile Software Development, stating “Make sure that the organization is compatible with the product architecture”. Finally, the relationship between architecture and organization is the key component…