Dynamics Tools

A while back, I posted about the demise of the Microsoft Business Framework and our team’s move back to the Business Solutions organization. I wanted to give you an update on our move and let you know our new team name.

The team name is Dynamics Tools. This makes sense since we are developing tools for the next generation Dynamics product line - I love it when a team name actually describes what you do!

One thing to point out is that our tools will not only be used by internal Microsoft developers.  A business application is only as successful as the broader ecosystem that supports it.  So the tools that we create need to be easily used by ISV’s, VAR’s, and other partners to modify, extend, and integrate with the Dynamics products from Microsoft. 

In fact, the reorganization resulted in me moving to a new subsystem team in Dynamics Tools.  The subsystem team is called Customization and our mission is to build the tools to enable external developers to build great modifications and add-ons for Dynamics. 

I’m pretty excited about having the opportunity to have a big impact on the Dynamics ecosystem!  I plan to write some future posts about the work that we are doing for Customization in Dynamics Tools.

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