Will Doug have more time to play hoops now???

If you haven't heard about it, Doug Burgum is stepping aside as the leader of the Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS) group.  After a successor is found, he will become the Chairman of MBS with a focus on evangelizing our products and services worldwide.  Doug was the long time leader of Great Plains Software before the Microsoft purchase in 2001 and is based here in Fargo.

Now that my team has moved back into MBS, this news is a bit more interesting to me than it might have been in the recent past.  From what I've seen of Doug, he's a great leader with strong passion, communication skills, and business savvy.  I hope we are able to replace him with an equally strong leader.

But the question that has more impact on me personally is this:  Will Doug have more time to play hoops now?  There's a regular noon game at a local health club involving a number of Microsoft employees.  Doug is an avid basketball player, but I haven't seen much of him in the past couple of years.  Maybe, just maybe, that will change...  let's hope so.

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