Bridge Building

One of my co-workers decided to have a bridge building contest.  Why, you might ask?  I’m not exactly sure myself, but nevertheless, several of us decided it was a worthy endeavor and signed up to participate.


The parts list is as follows:

·         3’ ¼ round dowel

·         3’ ¼ square dowel

·         3’ #15 nylon twine

·         20 tooth picks

·         Any amount of Elmers original and/or standard wood glue


The bridge has to span a 12” crevice and the winner is the highest ratio of supported weight to the weight of the bridge.  We’re only competing for pride and bragging rights – no prize money involved.  


The contest day is only one week away.  I have a design in mind and even did a bit of tooling and proof of concept work for it last weekend.  But I think imagining it will be easier than building it…  I’ll keep you posted on the progress and outcome!

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  1. BillT says:

    The shape and size of weight and the method of applying the weight are also significant factors that should affect your design.

  2. wireguy says:

    Unlimited glue!

    Start casting sheets of wood glue, let them dry, then glue them all together into one laminated structure.

  3. Dave Froslie says:

    If you are interested, here are some more specifications for the bridge building event:

    – Must span a 12” crevice.

    – Must be able to place the hanging device in the center of the road deck.  The hanging device is a 2" square piece of wood.  The hanging device cannot be incorporated into the structure.  The weight will be hung 5” below the bottom of the hanging device.  The official hanging device will have a 3/8" hole in the center for the hanging rod. 

    – Must have a name for your bridge entry.

    – Actual road decking is not required.  The bridge only needs to include the bridge framing.  However the bridge design must be able to have a road deck applied.  In other words the design has to be practical.

    – The crevice walls will extend 2 ½” below the road surface.

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