In my last post on Multi Team Sprint Reviews, I forgot to mention one very important part of our sprint review process.  Unlike the core sprint review process, this element has stayed very stable over the past year.


After each sprint review, we hold a little get together involving the entire team.  Over some beer and snacks, the team talks about the sprint, the reviews, or, more likely, whatever else is on their mind.


We held a naming contest to determine what to call our little post sprint review get together.  The winning name was DrinkUp, which has a decidedly rugby context and, IMO, is a very appropriate name for this event.  It is defined as follows:


Drinkup (also called the 3rd Half) – An unassailable rugby tradition where a club meets for beer and song with the opposing club after the match. Warning: rugby songs are not for the easily offended.


With that I say, “Scrummers, DrinkUp!!”.

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  1. Since my overall team changed divisions last fall and my feature team took on a new area , it’s been…

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