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Pretty Cool, huh?

So from what I’m seeing around in the various communities, the hardest thing with video game development is, “Where do I start?”  Well, I’ve decided to answer that question.  With this kit! https://www.dropbox.com/s/0wi5dyn22039mvg/StarterKit.zip?dl=0


First Steps

Start by simply opening up the kit, looking around a bit, and then changing the name in the credits to your name instead of mine and the name of the game from Space Robot Zombie Escape to something your own.  After that, go to File -> Build, and build the game as a Universal App (should be selected for you already).  Select the Build Output folder which came inside the zip.  After that, publish to both the Windows Phone and the Windows 8 Store.  If you need further help with publishing, you should tweet me @DavidCrook1988 or follow this article on publishing.

You are well on your way!  You just published your first game to an actual store!

So what next?

Its a Starter Kit, so you have a few directions you can go with it.

  1. Build on the existing kit.  Add new platforms, tweak the collision boxes a bit more, add new events and interesting things.
  2. Take the existing kit and build a completely new game with it!  Get the “elementals” asset and start figuring out how to get the robot and the zombie to fight with each other, incorporate magic, or maybe have cars and space ships!


Tweet me @DavidCrook1988 if you found this helpful, when you publish your game, if this inspired you etc.

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  1. Dev says:

    Same stuff for MonoGame and XNA – now that would be cool!

    I mean, this is what people want in the end of the day:


  2. ANCO says:

    Really coool. Fantastic

    Please can u help me out. Am as software engineering student from Cameroon with no credit card or bank account and will be very much grateful if you can help me set up a developer account i can use to publish my games in. i have been studying unity 3d but can't publish my apps to any store since i don't have a developer account

  3. Dave Crook says:

    Tweet me @DavidCrook1988 and I'll send you a private message to get the necessary information.

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