Microsoft R Open Training Series

Hello World! This is another pull from my primary develpment blog, located here. Ever wonder the difference between R and Microsoft R?  Considering learning R as a programming language?  You should probably watch this video.  It is the first in a 4 part series to give you the jump start you need to becoming a…


Sigmoid Classifiers Decoded

Hello World, Another pull from my primary dev blog. Sigmoid really isn’t that complicated (once your understand it of course).  Some back knowledge in case you are coming at this totally fresh is that the Sigmoid function is used in machine learning primarily as a hypothesis function for classifiers.  What is interesting is that this…


Getting Linear with it

Hello World! This is a pull from my primary dev blog:  This article is Linear Regression Cost Functions with Linear Algebra :). So I wrote an article earlier “Linear Regression From Scratch”.  Many folks have pointed out that this is in fact not the optimal approach.  Now being the perfectionist I decided to re-implement….


Intro to Gradient Descent

Hello World! This is a pull from my privately owned blog: -> to find latest and greatest, thats a great place to head. In this article we are going to cover a simple version of Gradient Descent. It is important to note that this version of gradient descent is using Sum of Squares as…


Pi For Brains Robot – Part 1 Setup

This is a pull from my blog: The other parts will be published there prior to making it here. Pi for Brains Robot – Part 1 – Setup Hello World! Welcome to my blog’s version of the #IDevThis project that will be coming out.  This full series will be made available on instructables and channel9 once…


How to Datamine Zillow

This is a pull from my blog: There is a slight delta between this and indiedevspot, where indiedevspot has more content.  I also post all of my presentation slide decks at: NOTE: the formatting may be nicer on So on with the article!   Hello World, As many of you may know at this…


Intro to Angular, Web API and Azure

Intro to Angular, Web API and Azure Hello World, So I thought it would be beneficial to discuss Angular, Web API and Azure in some form of depth as well as provide an entire set of functioning code.  I will start by addressing a few things, What is Angular, What is Web API, and what…


So you want to be an Analytics Developer?

Hello World! I get a series of questions all the time. How do I switch careers to be a developer? How do I become a data scientist? How do I add intelligence to my code? How do I get a job in distributed computing? How do I code more analytically? The answer to these questions…


Intro to C# and Analyzing Government Data

Hello World! I have recently been informed that many of my articles may be a bit advanced for folks, so I am going to kick off a series of C# articles dedicated to the Beginner to programming.  I have no idea how long this series is going to be, I’ll just keep adding to it…


Deploying F# Web Job to Azure

Hi All, This is another pull from my blog over at: This article is one of those that is going to help remind me how to do this deployment, as it can be a bit tricky.  If you are working with F# for web jobs, like I have started doing, there are a few…