Writing a Profiler of Windows Store apps

If you’ve written a profiler that consumes the CLR Profiling API, and are looking to update it to analyze Windows Store apps, then you’ll be interested in this new whitepaper:


The whitepaper provides recommendations for all the changes you’ll need to make so your profiler can profile Windows Store apps.  As you read through the whitepaper, keep in mind that the source code to CLRProfiler 4.5 can also be used to illustrate many of these changes you’ll need to make.

Happy coding!

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  1. Selva says:

    Hi Dave,

    I saw that u r no longer in CLR team 🙁 🙁  (Sorry to pull u back here for few minutes). I am now working on developing custom .Net profiler that profiles the applications that run in production environment. For now i am in research phase and i learnt some useful things from ur articles. Still I have some confusion in deciding things.

    I will first elaborate the things that i need to achieve now,

    — Develop  a .Net profiler that profiles the Web applications (at the beginning).

    — It should give the call trace of classes/methods of some significant calls.

    — Number of transactions and the time consumption of each calls.

    — Finding out memory leaks in running applications.

    — The profiler needs to be deployed in production environment so needs to be fast by not slowing down profiled apps.

    My queries are as follows,

    — Do i need to opt for IL rewriting or go for setting up function hooks (as CLRProfiler does – by logging all the calls). ?

    — I went thru an article that says to avoid IL rewriting and to choose profiler API (but i guess IL rewriting does not cause any overhead in running application.) source : "http://www.codeproject.com/…/Building-a-Mixed-Mode-Sampling-Profiler

    —  Is IL rewriting that tough to learn and understand for a new person..?

    Will be happy if u clear my doubts..



  2. Hezi says:

    Hi Selva,

    Did you get answers to your query?

    Did you finish your profiler?



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