CLR V4: Profiler Attach Basics With Sample Code

A new feature in CLR V4 is the ability to attach a profiler to a process after that process has already started.  The usefulness of this is fairly obvious to anyone who’s ever attached a debugger to a running-process: It’s helpful when diagnosing hard-to-reproduce problems, and particularly useful when encountering issues in production. Please note! …


CLR V4 Beta 2 Released!

All you profiler writers will want to try out your profiler on the latest and greatest! Information on getting beta 2 of CLR V4 and Visual Studio 2010 is available here. The beta 2 docs for the profiling API start here. There have been some bug fixes between beta 1 & beta 2 that may…


Type Forwarding

MSDN defines “type forwarding” as moving “a type to another assembly without having to recompile applications that use the original assembly”.  In this post, I’ll talk about examining a particular type in Microsoft’s .NET Framework library that gets forwarded, how you can use type forwarding for your own types, and what type forwarding looks like…


CLR V4: Load your profiler without using the registry

One of the new features in CLR V4 is the ability to load your profiler without needing to register it first.  In V2, we would look at the following environment variables: COR_ENABLE_PROFILING=1 COR_PROFILER={CLSID of profiler} and look up the CLSID from COR_PROFILER in the registry to find the full path to your profiler’s DLL.  Just…


What does Dave look like?

Find out on channel 9 as Jon Langdon, Thomas Lai, and I discuss some of the new diagnostics features in CLR V4.


Run your V2 profiler binary on CLR V4

Ok, you’ve installed VS 2010 beta 1, along with .NET FX 4.0 beta 1, and you’re wondering–can you run your profiler against this new .NET framework without recompiling the profiler? Yes, you can!  Though not by default.  Although CLR V4 is much more compatible with CLR V2 than CLR V2 was with CLR V1.1, there…


CLR V4 Beta 1 Released!

Now is the time to try out your profiler against the new .NET FX 4.0 Beta 1 bits.  I’ll be writing about some gotchas, and how to take advantage of the new features.  But first, get started downloading: Visual Studio 2010 Product Page You can find some reference documentation on the new profiling interfaces here:…

1 re-uploaded

Jonathan Keljo’s blog entry on the enter/leave/tailcall function hooks had a link to sample code that’s been broken for a while.  You can now find the sample code here: