Debugging Your Profiler II: SOS and IDs

In this debugging post, I’ll talk about the various IDs the profiling API exposes to your profiler, and how you can use SOS to give you more information about the IDs.  As usual, this post assumes you’re using CLR 2.x. S.O.What Now? SOS.DLL is a debugger extension DLL that ships with the CLR.  You’ll find…


Debugging Your Profiler I: Activation

This is the first of some tips to help you debug your profiler.  Note that these tips assume you’re using CLR 2.x (see this entry for info on how CLR version numbers map to .NET Framework version numbers).  In today’s post, I address a frequent question from profiler developers and users: "Why didn’t my profiler…


Versions of Microsoft .NET Framework, CLR, and Your Profiler

[Updated 8/13/2008 with the release of Visual Studio 2008 SP1.] With the many releases of the Microsoft .NET Frameworks and their service packs, it might not be obvious what versions of the Common Language Runtime (CLR) come alongside them and whether your profiler should care.  So I’m posting this to help clarify the various versions….